Jimy “The Kid ” Hettes vs. Jacob Kirwan for the MMA Melee – MASS Featherweight Title

Jay Haas vs. Nick Bleser – MASS Inauguration – KO of the Night

Steve Mytych vs. Amel Beharovic

MMA Melee Presents: Rich Patishnock vs. Diego Peclat

MMA Melee Sponsored MASS Featherweight Champion – Jimy “The Kid” Hettes Highlight Video

MMA Melee Presents: Hip Hop / Fight Merger at MASS

Jimy “The Kid” Hettes was signed to the UFC the same night he wins the MASS Featherweight Title.  Martial Arts Super Sport President Mike Malast gets Hettes a multi-fight deal to the UFC.  Here is the champs acceptance speech.

Kris “Savage” Mccray Highlights

B. DeLaney Performs “Two Minutes of My Life” at MASS INAUGURATION

Jay Haas Highlights

B.DeLaney & Shawn Johnson SoundCheck at Mohegan Sun Arena

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